What are the advanced settings in the regrouper?

The advanced settings allow you to alter the default methodology used to regroup your keywords or make bulk changed to the created ad groups.

We do NOT recommend changing the default settings, except trying the split by match type feature which has shown to produce results for many customers.


Select grouping model

You can choose to create single match type ad groups or keep the default multi-match type grouping model.

  • Multi match-type ad groups (default): After grouping keywords by search intent, they are kept in the ad group with their original match type.
  • Single match type ad groups: Ad groups are split by their match types. Exact match keywords will be in their own ad group, phrase match in their own, etc.

Add Or Remove Match Types

This allows you to add or remove match types in bulk. Clicking beside the checkbox of any match type will add or remove the match type in question in all ad groups.


Setting bids

This option allows you to change the ad group bids. By default, bids are decreased by match type by 30 percent as follows: 

  • Exact match: Full bid
  • Phrase match: 30% lower than exact match
  • Modified broad match: 30% lower than phrase match
  • Broad match: 30% lower than modified broad match

You can change the full ad group bid and the percentage decrease.

Note: The reason for this decrease is to prevent match types from competing against each other.


Setting minimum affinity

Affinity represent the number of connections or similarities that have been found between keywords. When you think the ad groups created were not tightly related enough, you can increase this number so that the algorithm puts keywords together in the stricter way.  


Setting a maximum number of keywords per ad group

This allows to decide the maximum number of keywords in an ad group. This is useful when you want to create Single Keyword Ad group (SKAGs). Having one keyword per ad group is NOT a method that we recommend, but it is better than having too many keywords in ad group.

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