Weighted average quality scores

In Adwords, quality score is available only at the keyword level. Tenscores computes those keyword-level quality scores and averages them out to provide them at the ad group, campaign and account level.

The averages aren't simple averages, they are impression-weighted averages. Meaning that keywords with more impressions have more importance in calculating the average quality scores.


Impressions Quality Score
keyword 1 1000 4/10
keyword 2 10 10/10
Weighted average 4.5/10

Regular average 

(4 + 10) / 2 = 7

A regular average quality score for this ad group would be 7/10, but it would be misleading as the first keyword is more important due to the volume of its impressions, and the second is almost insignificant even though it has a perfect score. That's why we use the weighted average computation below.

Weighted average

The weights: 

  • Keyword 1: 1000/1010 = 0.99
  • Keyword 2: 10/1010 = 0.009

The calculation:

(4*0.99 + 10*0.009)  = 4.5

The impression weighted quality score for this ad group would thus be 4.5/10 .

Why is this useful?

This gives you an accurate overview of the overall health of your account.

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