Step 2 - Write new ads frequently

High ad click-through-rates (CTR) is what Google is ultimately interested in. 

Advertisers who achieve above average CTRs — meaning CTRs that are above past or present competitors — are rewarded with high quality scores that come with lower costs-per-clicks and more ad exposure.

Confession: Our biggest shortcoming currently — and one that we're working on — is that we don't have a tool that helps you write better than average ads. That will be taken care of soon.

In the meantime, Tenscores shows you when you have ads that are outperforming others. In your tasks list, you will see those tasks appear daily as they are found so that you can pause the losing ads and keep the winning ones. 

This is important to do, losing ads will dilute your overall CTRs and it will hurt in the long run. 

Tenscores will also show you where you only have one ad, and thus no ad test running. You should always have two ads in your ad groups to find winning or losing messages. This is not optional, you should always have two ads running in all your ad groups. And no more than two, unless you really know what you're doing (only applicable to search campaigns, display campaigns can have as many ads as you want in their ad groups). 

So the question is how do you get the best ads in your particular market? We have some of the best articles when it comes to ad copywriting: 

Must-Read Ad Copywriting Articles

These will take your ad writing skills above most advertisers. It is highly recommended that you read, understand, and apply what you learn. It is the single most important thing you can do to improve your Adwords results in all its aspects.

It doesn't click. You still don't know who I am and what I want.
Selflessness. Giving Searchers what they want instead of what you want to sell them.
Empathy. Going beyond search intent to unlocking user psychology.

How frequently should you write new ads?

Focus on one ad group at a time, and write a new ad every time one of the two ads has received 200 impressions or more.  Learn more.

We're working on tool for this, in the meantime we hope these articles will help you move forward with improving your ad CTRs above the noise.

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