Step 3 - Focus on writing ads for one ad group at a time

This last step is crucial. It's about process. 

How you go about increasing a whole account's quality score in the 9/10 - 10/10 range depends on whether you're able to keep your focus on one ad group at a time. 

When everything in your Tenscores tasks list has been completed and you still have less that great quality scores, here's what you need to do...

Where To Focus

Pick the first losing campaign in Tenscores. (Campaigns are ordered by priority)
Pick the first losing ad group in that campaign. (Ad groups are ordered by priority too)
Focus on writing ads for that ad group until it's quality score is above 7/10.

Only once you've reached the objective for that ad group should you move on to the next.

Before getting into the daily process, pay attention to these: 

  • Number of ads
    Make sure the ad group has no more and no less than 2 ads.
    (Do not ignore this, unless you know what you're doing)
  • Ad extensions
    Make sure the had group is using as many  ad extensions as possible, especially site-links and call-out extensions. Customize them to the ad group if you can.
  • ETA
    Make sure you're using the new Expanded Text Ads (ETA) as they have proven to have higher CTRs.

After the above, you will be ready for the next step...

How To Focus

The objective
Double or triple the ad group's CTR.

The process

Every time one of the 2 ads has received 200 impressions, do this: 

Pause the ad if it has a lower CTR than the other.
Replace it with a new ad using the methodology in the  recommended articles.

Important: There's no need to wait for statistical significance, any ad that has not doubled or tripled your CTR within 200 impressions has failed to reach the objective and should be terminated (i.e. paused). This also means that you don't have to wait for Tenscores to show you a losing ad before deciding to pause it.

If you focus on this, and do ONLY this every day, you will not fail to get quality scores above 7/10.

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