My account hasn't updated in many days

If you're account hasn't updated in a long time, it may due to an API error that broke the link between Tenscores and Google Ads. Here's what to do:

1. Refresh the link the between Tenscores and your account:

  • Go to this settings page:
  • You should see a message that says: "API error found, please click the "Reactivate" button!". Click on it, then click the Reactivate button at the bottom. 
  • Try a manual update (if manual update already initiated, just wait for it to finish)

 2. If that doesn't work, you'll need to re-link your Google Ads account:

  • Make sure you're linked into the Google Ads account you want to relink.
  • Go to the subscription management page in Tenscores.
  • Click on the "Link a Google Ads account" button in the lower left.
  • Go through the Google authorization process until you're back into Tenscores.
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